Lagos, Nigeria

Job Scope:

  • Oversee projects within the Stability, Load Line, and Tonnage discipline, ensuring alignment with quality system standards, cost structures, and budgetary/contractual obligations.
  • Evaluate and recommend the duration and cost of tasks for both internal and external clients, adhering to established fee structures.
  • Execute tasks in compliance with internal protocols, accreditation criteria, legal requirements, and industry benchmarks.
  • Engage in Continuous Professional Development to uphold a superior level of expertise, knowledge, and awareness.
  • Mentor and guide colleagues as needed, facilitating effective knowledge dissemination and application.
    Utilize feedback from clients, both internal and external, to enhance service delivery and contribute to business growth.
  • Offer specialized guidance and counsel within the Stability, Load Line, and Tonnage domain to both internal and external stakeholders.
    Develop deliverables within predetermined parameters and formats, while also reviewing team members' contributions as necessary.
  • Engage in discussions and presentations with clients at senior levels, proposing alternative strategies when suitable.
  • Manage administrative tasks in accordance with prevailing procedures.
    Train and mentor junior and graduate engineers.
  • Assume the role of providing "Technical Support Service," which involves approving plans and offering guidance to clients and colleagues in the Stability, Load Line, and Tonnage sectoJob Scope:
Qualifications and Requirements
  • A degree or its equivalent from a tertiary institution acknowledged by field of engineering or physical science, with a minimum duration of 10 years, or qualifications from a marine or nautical institution coupled with relevant sea-faring experience as a certified ship’s officer.
  • Affiliation with a suitable professional institution.
  • Status as a Chartered or Incorporated Engineer.
  • Familiarity and practical experience with Stability, Loadline, and Tonnage regulations/instruments across various ship types and offshore units.
  • Proficiency and hands-on experience with the NAPA stability software.
  • Proficiency in the English language commensurate with the requirements of the work, along with effective interpersonal skills.

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Deadline is 29th February 2024

Note this position is for Nigerians ONLY.